Services - Drone photography

Roof Condition Inspections


We can carry out Emergency roof condition survey to find evidence of slipped or missing roof tiles. Aerial photography is the safest and most efficient way to accomplish projects such as these.


Roof Measurement Report


 We are able to produce roof survey reports accurately and efficiently with aerial photography enabling companies to save time and money. large scale roof replacement projects can be measured within 2 working days.  

Land Survey


Large areas of terrain can be surveyed within 15 minutes to produce, Volumetric reports, Digital Terrain Models, 2D and 3D maps which can be accessed by clients via a data cloud software, which can be used further for mark-ups and analysis. 

Aerial Property Marketing



Aerial property marketing - Improve your chances of selling your property  with drone photography, a bespoke service that includes high volume packages with  multiple high quality photos and videos 

Promotional photography and video


Promote your business, products and services with aerial photos, Partnered with WJB Media we can produce promotional videos for your website and social media .

Canvas printouts available  see below

Progress Log and Reports


Weekly progress photos for large construction projects, logging works carried to date can be used for valuation purposes and can be used as photographic evidence for any future delays claims 

Canvas Printouts

Now available! Canvas printouts of aerial photography!

 Available in any size you wish! A1 30" x 20" for £80 free delivery.

Personalise to a location of your choice, please enquire.


Aerial Property Marketing

  • Increase your chance of selling your property with aerial photography.

  • Sellers with large properties with a value of above £300k are more likely to use drones.


  • The marketing benefits of using aerial photography are that 85% of homebuyers use videos to learn more about the community they’re considering moving to.

  • 54% watch real estate videos for general information about a particular home.

  • 44% of homebuyers use real estate videos to compare and contrast their choices.